Week 15 – Class Activity #10 – Finger Painting

This week’s activity consisted of us doing finger painting. It was actually a lot of fun to just sit down and get my hands dirty with paint on an empty canvas. The colors of paint that I was supplied with in my art bag were purple, green and white. The purple and green looked really nice on the paper and the white didn’t really do much to my piece. The white paint kinda just smeared the other colors together.

There are a few questions needed to be answered:

What was the experience like?

  • This art experience was definitely something different. As crazy as it sounds, I don’t think I finger painted as a child. So it was actually a lot of fun to sit and finger paint while listening to some of my favorite songs.

Was is easier, harder or different than you expected?

  • It was definitely a different activity, given what our other activities were not so messy other than the graffiti writing. It wasn’t easy nor hard, it was just fun and different. I like that nothing was expected to come out of it, it was just an abstract painting, that didn’t need any validation or correct score.

How was the experience of making a painting with no subject?

  • I think having no subject in this activity is what made it that much more fun. I feel like if there would have been a subject, frustration would have overcome me and I would have been over this activity real quick. But since we were able to just let our fingers run wild and do what they wanted, I enjoyed this a lot more.

How is this activity similar or different compared to the graffiti writing activity?

  • This activity was similar in that we were able to sorta do what we wanted with the spray paint and finger paints. I enjoyed both activities a lot, so I’m glad that we had both of them.



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