Week 14 – Classmate Conversation#6 – Henry Pham

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to talk to Henry Pham. Henry is a student with a rather tricky title. He’s a second year at CSULB; however, he does have enough racked up units from AP testing in high school to be considered a third year student. Although he has accumulated so many units very early on, some of them didn’t fulfill his major requirements so they were sort of lost due to that. One thing he mentioned, was whether he wanted to graduate in 3 years of 3.5 years and I found that crazy. To think that he was already thinking about graduation and what his plans were after that is crazy to me, due to the fact that I’m a third year, who really has not much of a clue on what I want to do after graduation, let alone, how long it’s going to take me to graduate.
The question of what he thought the college experience would be like for students in 20 years, was answered quickly. He stated how he really didn’t think much would change for the traditional college experience. He did mention, though, how he felt that the technology would be a lot more advanced and I would say that I agree with him. The technology as of today, is insanely advanced and has no boundaries; so he felt that the technology that is bound to appear within the next 20 years, even the next 10 years would be unpredictably awesome.


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