Week 14 – Class Activity #9 – Instagram Week

This week the activity was based on posting pictures on Instagram. Instagram is a social media application that is used among all ages and people. This app lets people post pictures of themselves, loved ones, nature, food, pretty much anything and everything and it’s to show one’s followers what’s going on in their lives. Through Instagram, people are able to find family members and keep in touch with them there and crazy enough make connections to where they become “Instagram famous” or reality famous.

Although Instagram is used across all nations by all types of people, it’s not used as religiously as Facebook or Snapchat, which seems, to some people, to be an everyday posting kind of thing. Instagram seems to be more of a one post every 2 weeks or month to try to keep it from becoming like Facebook or Snapchat.

Throughout my day I took pictures of where I was or where I was walking.

This picture was from my Physics 100B lecture that I had at 9 am.


The second picture is walking towards lower campus by the Beach Hut of the upper campus area where commencement takes place.


My third picture of the day was walking down the stairs of death, by the Molecular Science building. I was heading to the Horn Center to wait for my Political Science Class.


My fourth and final picture was taken in the Rec Center. I play on an intramural basketball team with some friends and Wednesday night consisted of the playoff games for the league. First we played at 7 in the semifinals and won 49-47. Then we had the championship game 45 minutes later where we unfortunately lost 56-50. We ended up finishing with 8 wins and 1 loss. Although we lost in the championship game, this was our best season yet.



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