Week 11 – Classmate Conversation #5 – Juli Yoshinaga

On Wednesday I talked with Juli Yoshinaga. Juli is a third year at CSULB and started here directly out of high school. She’s been very busy with her schoolwork, she’s majoring in communications studies with a double minor in marketing and journalism.

Immediately after hearing she was taking on one major and double minoring, my jaw dropped. I thought to myself, how could one do this to herself, haha, but hearing her explanation made sense. She said that communications by itself, is such a reduced number of units, that it was almost mandatory that she added a minor in order to get the unit requirement for graduation. So she decided to add two and with the three areas of education she’s learning, she’s eventually hoping to get into the world of public relations or human resources for big corporations like Disney or ABC network.

I first asked her for her opinion on fan art and she answered that fan art is a very cool thing. She feels that it shouldn’t be based on the accuracy of the artist or celebrity. They’re making this fan art to show their perception of the celebrity, not how well they’re able to create a replication. She said that they should feel good and appreciated that they’re being recognized at all by everyday, ordinary people. They should be special and yet in this particular situation, Demi Lovato handled it in a very unappreciated manner.

When I asked her a question about Lovato’s fan art incident she was quick to respond with the fact that she was not justified with her reaction. Lovato should have acted in a manner that was more appreciative; whereas, she mentioned the inaccuracy of the art. She took the picture and it’s imprecise qualities. She felt that Lovato should have taken into the consideration that this fan even took the time to make the art and should have just seen the important and significance of the picture underlying the “inaccuracy.”


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