Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Yingying Fu

Exhibit Information

Artist: Yingying Fu

Exhibition:  The Other Side of the Pacific Ocean

Media: Oils, Canvas

Gallery: Max L. Gatov West Gallery

Instagram: has one but no content

About the Artist

Yingying Fu is an amazing artist from China who just recently moved to the United States three years ago. She is a Masters of Fine Arts student with an option in drawing and painting in figurative. Her thought process and actual physical process for this exhibit was done by taking pictures at the beach of these particular people and situations, and then translating them to the canvas with oils. This particular show actually happens to be her thesis show and might I say, it’s a spectacular piece.

Formal Analysis

Each painting was done with patience and grit. She exposed so many different necessary details within the different pieces that were in her gallery and it was very evident that she had worked endless hours on these canvases. This whole process was a cumulative over the past two years and I feel as though, those two years were definitely time well spent. I loved going through this gallery and looking at each individual canvas and looking for the different details; like the shadows that she put on each person or object, or the intricate lines that were among the surfboards and lifeguard tower and even the different facial features that she added to the people in the paintings – it was all very intriguing. The colors she used were very vibrant and bright and I feel they made her pieces that much better because you felt as though you were looking at canvases that had life in them and felt in a sense, real.

Content Analysis

Coming from China to the United States is a huge move and transition. Personally, I don’t feel that that is an easy thing to do; however, she did it and I feel that it shows the utmost character and perseverance. Each piece within the gallery had some tie to her and her time being in the United States. Each object in each of the canvases show how they all related in time and space. How the surfboard is going to be used to surf, or laying down on the beach will cause a sun tan and/or burn, how the lifeguard is there in case of emergencies, etc. each of these pieces within the whole art piece shows context and substance.

Synthesis/My Experience

I really enjoyed walking through this art gallery, because personally, I feel as though we haven’t seen much painting exhibits. I also liked that these weren’t such abstract paintings, they were straight-forward and to the point, showing a beach scene that exposes different people and their time spent at the beach. The pieces weren’t pieces that were meant to be implied or interpreted in each person’s own way, they were just there to show how people interact and enjoy a day at the beach and I found that very interesting but in a good way.


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