Week 8 – Classmate Conversation #4 – Jose Perez

Jose Perez is a second year here at CSULB and is studying Business Finance. Once I started talking to him, I really got the sense that he was passionate about sports and it kind of tracks back to one of the questions of the week.

The first question we had today was to talk about a type of art, any medium, that we’d like to shed some light on or bring to the attention of people. He mentioned that sports are the area of art that he feels strongly about and wishes that he could share its significance with everyone.

He loves to watch sports and participate in sports and it gives him a sense of liveliness and happiness that travels through his body. There are no negative vibes present and they give off of feeling of positive, good, happy vibes and feelings and he feels that should be shared with everyone.

The second question he was asked was whether he’d care or be supportive of his child if they wanted to pursue a career in art and he answered very quick and sternly – that he would be extremely supportive of his child if they chose a career path of art. He mentioned how art can be in the form of anything and no matter what it is, as long as it makes them happy, he’s all for it. I find that to be one of the main epitomes of parenthood – that you not only accept your child for who they are, but also support them in any way possible – and Jose made it very apparent that he’d be very supportive.

The last question was to see what iPhone apps we had in common. We both took screenshots realized that we had many in common. Depending on if you count the apps that are found in folders, we had Snapchat, Messages, Instagram in common for the main screen and if you were to go into our folders, then we also had the Phone and Contacts app in common. A lot of apps were different though, I had Spotify and Fitbit whereas he has his Wells Fargo and Travel apps like Uber and Lyft apps. Looking at the main screen of someone’s phone can tell a lot about a person and given were both college students, we still had a very different phone screen with apps.


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