Week 8 -Class Activity #6 – Sketching at Japanese Garden

This week we met at the Japanese Garden on campus and I was really blown away by how beautiful and big it was. I had never been there before today and I’m really glad that I finally got to experience this amazing garden that we have right here on campus.

First, I walked around and looked at the different pieces and attributes of the garden to get a feel of the environment I was in. I walked over the bridges, looked over the railings at the ducks and fish and eventually found a wooden folding chair and that’s where I plopped down and did my drawings. I really enjoyed where I was sitting because I was able to see all of the students feeding the ducks and fish, as well as, people walking by that were admiring the beauty that was embedded within this whole garden.

I began by drawing the 10 3-second drawings and got a feel of the place I was in and the different things I saw. After those 10 drawings, I moved on to the 5-minute drawing and I really enjoyed that piece because I felt I was able to add in a lot more detail. Following that was the two contouring drawings where the first one was of my hand and the second one being a tree that was directly in front of me. Then I finished the activity with the representative and abstract drawings.

I didn’t really understand the abstract drawing concept, so I just drew stuff that was around me that didn’t really have meaning, but were just put there by the nature of Earth itself. I drew a living and dying leaf and a twig that was in the mud along with rocks around it, then the water ripples that the ducks were producing and also a crazy plant that sort of took over the top and left side of a rock.

I really enjoyed visiting the Japanese Garden, before today I probably would have never came but I’m super glad that I was able to go and try my best to draw the different aspects that make this garden so unbelievably beautiful.

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