Week 6 – Class Activity #5 – Flip Books

So this week’s activity was a little different, we got to make a flip book or a zine. I chose to make a flip book and at first I was not excited because I felt it was going to be super difficult. Once I started drawing on each page of the flip book though, it became easier and more fun.

It took a little while for me to decide what I was going to draw, then I thought I could make something simple and it’ll still meet the requirements of this activity and it’ll be a cool learning experience. I decided to show a tree, a sunrise and a bird flying through the sky. It was very simple drawing to do, but it still was difficult enough to where I had to make sure that it all looked the same on each page after the final drawing of the tree, for example.

I ended up enjoying this activity a lot more than I thought I was going to. Two of my roommates are Art majors at CSULB, so I’ve seen a lot of their work and I’m always in awe of their work, so to think that I had to try to do something even remotely artists was kind of scary. My roommate Destanie just recently had to do a quick flip book for one of her classes and she whipped out some very talented and detailed sketches in her book that make mine look terrible. But she began to explain to me that we are obviously in two way different majors, that I or anyone for that matter, shouldn’t expect anything extraordinary to come from a kinesiology major, and honestly, it made me feel a lot better!

Here’s the video of my flip book:


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