Week 5 – Class Activity #4 – Graffiti Writing

So today I executed the graffiti writing activity and I brought along my roommate Liz to help me out with ideas and moral support. We headed out to Venice beach for the morning/early afternoon and showed our “amateur skills” at this new activity, graffiti writing.

When we first got there, I was immediately in awe by the work the was done on these publics walls. These people really are artists and seeing their work out there just proves it all. Right away I was very skeptical and a little scared to just spray paint over these people’s work, but soon I was able to hear from a certain someone, Glenn Zucman, that these pieces are what people work on, but just like a whiteboard at school, the work is meant to be erased and written on again and again. So after hearing his reasoning, I was a little more motivated to do my piece.

I started by painting a blank canvas on one of the ledges that way I could paint my name, so I covered it in blue spray paint. Then I used another wall to practice my letters to make sure that I knew what I was going to paint on my canvas. I practiced an “M” then painted the M on my ledge and continued this same system with each letter of my name. Once I was finished Liz and I started painting a bunch of other random stuff and we just made it a real fun day.

I really enjoyed this activity and I don’t think it’s because I got to do something that is illegal in other instances, but because I got to do something that I’ve never done before. I went in knowing nothing other than the several videos that we were supposed to watch, and yet was able to pull off a semi-exceptional art piece of my name.


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