Week 4 – Class Activity #3 – Automatic Drawing

This week we did a rather abnormal activity. This exercise involved myself and a friend, a poster paper and a pencil. We propped up my phone to record us doing the actual drawing and I created a hyperlapse video of us, but wasn’t able to put it up without upgrading my website.

We got settled on the ground and placed our hands on the pencil one by one alternating between Liz and I. At first, we sat there with the pencil on the paper, not moving at all, with music playing and the pencil ended up moving to the beat of the music it seemed like. The different marks that were made on the paper were very round and sometimes jagged from sudden movements that were made as we went through the activity.

Before we started this activity, we were kind of at a loss for what the outcome was supposed to be, but once we finished the activity, we looked back on it and we were actually very satisfied with the outcome. We had a lot of fun doing this and after, we decided to color it in and put it on the wall in our room.

Overall, the experience was new and fun and something that I really enjoyed. Being able to do it with my roommate made it a lot more fun and exciting.

If you’d like to see the sped up hyperlapse video, I’ve posted it to YouTube at the following link:


3 thoughts on “Week 4 – Class Activity #3 – Automatic Drawing

  1. Great Megan!

    You know you can also post the video on your website!

    Actually you just upload it to YouTube… and then copy the URL for the Video… and paste it on a new line in your WordPress post… and BOOM! Video on the page! 😀


      1. haha, very fun video Megan! 😀

        Looks like you pasted the video URL onto the end of a line with text… if you put it on it’s own new line, then instead of just a link to your video, it will embed the actual video right on your page – like Briana Garcia did:

        (sometimes if that doesn’t work, you can switch from VISUAL edit mode to TEXT edit mode (tabs in the upper-right of your edit window (on a laptop) and then PASTE the Video URL and then you can switch back to Visual mode.

        Anyway, great video Megan. I’ll give you a few bonus points for it! 😀


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