Week 4 – Artist Conversation – May Ta

Exhibit Information

Artist: May Ta and Carly Lake (not present)

Exhibition: Closer

Media: Mixed Media, Sculptures, Paintings

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: TBD (in the process)

Instagram: @maypta

About the Artist

The illustration option under the School of Art at CSU Long Beach has a very gifted student in their corner – May Ta is a senior at CSULB and she is a transfer student from CSU Fullerton – all while being an international student from Vietnam. Growing up, she was surrounded by family members that were either scientists or engineers; so to come out to her family that she wanted to be an artist, was not an easy task to tackle. At the beginning it was a very difficult time for her; however, as time passed, she began to get support from the people who meant the most to her. She now has a featured piece at CSULB’s School of Art Galleries and she could not be any happier with herself and her work.

Formal Analysis

This piece was very intriguing, in a sense that when you walked in, you were blown away by the different sculptures and paintings that were displayed and how the set up made everything all fit together. Once you walked in, you immediately got the feeling of everything being placed very intricately and working together so well. The sculptures were feeding off of the paintings and vice versa, all of the pieces worked off of each other. The colors the were present in this exhibit were all very light and bright colors, nothing was really dark and that made it so much easier to really take in all of the work. The placement of the chair with the pair of shoes on it and the easel, as well as the bed, were all placed in a way that made this feel as though it was someone’s home or living space – it really gave an insight to think to a different level on how this supposed person was living.

Content Analysis

Ta worked with another artist, Carly Lake, and together they created a piece that had so many different perspectives that could be taken from it. They both incorporated some aspects of life that is loneliness and intimacy and how they coincide with each other. In the synopsis of this piece they touch base on how intimacy is a feeling that everyone wants; however we are all alone in our lives. After speaking to Ta, she stated that the easel and bed placement are to show a possible conclusion to the piece – that there might have been someone who used to live there but has now passed away. They wanted to depict a personal space of someone who was lonely; however, still showed intimacy through the paintings that were in his room and that’s how the decided to display the paintings and sculptures, along with the bed and easel.

Synthesis/My Experience

Walking into this exhibit was a decision I was glad to make. I enjoyed the different paintings on the walls, to the sculptures that were hanging, to the sole bed on the floor and the chair and easel in the middle of the room. It really gave this piece of sense of mystery but the kind of mystery that isn’t scary or not fascinating, the kind that makes you want to really read into it and find more information about what the artists were trying to accomplish. Once Ta began speaking about the message behind the exhibit, I really began to appreciate what they did in the room, the feeling of being at complete ease when alone and feeling as though the thought of intimacy is not a necessity in life. You can always have intimacy with someone else, but to find intimacy within yourself and be okay with it, is a completely different thing and I utterly admire what they did with this piece.


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