Week 3 – Classmate Conversation #3 – Megan Chung

Today, for the classmate discussion I talked to Megan Chung – it was really funny to find out that we had the same name. As we talked I found out that she is a biology major and is in her second year here at CSULB.

When I asked her the question of the week – What type of art has had the most influence on where you are today? – she stood there and thought about it for a while because this question was a little vague.

She started explaining her thought process and how she felt that music has had the most influence on her life to this day. She mentioned how music is in our everyday lives, we all relate to it in some type of way – whether its by having a relationship, a friendship or a family member that you may or may not be having problems with – music, she felt, is one of the most common ways of expressing those feelings one may have towards those few situations.

She also added that music is a type of motivator – in a sense that depending on the situation she’s in whether it’s exercising or homework or anything, it serves as a sense of motivating factor to get whatever you’re doing finished. As well as an influencer to get these particular tasks finished.

Music is a very personal piece of art, even those it’s very general to the overall population. She said that music helps in ways of making decisions for certain areas in life.

At the end of the conversation, we both had similar answers as to which type of art has had the most influence in our lives today. Music was both of our answers and we feel that they serve a greater purpose in our lives than just background noise.

She can be found at: https://meganchung07.wordpress.com




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