Week 2 – Class Activity #2 – Landscape with a Corpse

This week’s project was a little weird, needless to say, but overall it was definitely a new experience. 

I went around telling my housemates, my boyfriend and my family about this art project that I had due. And I got the same reaction from everyone, a very surprised face full of confusion. They all asked why I had to art project and I didn’t have an answer but I did tell them it was gonna be a new experience and I was sort of excited to see what it’d bring. 

My first picture would be the most ideal way for me to go out of this world; in my sleep, painless and not full of sickness. I could only imagine how some people go out when they have cancer or some other disease or if they had joints or limbs that gave them a lot of pain; and those are ways I definitely don’t want to die. I hope that my last days are full of love with my family and friends and that I go out with no problem. 

My second picture is one way I would not want to go out of this world in a car crash, especially if it was caused by something stupid like texting or snapchatting while driving. When I’m driving on the 405 or the 5 highways, and I see car crashes, I cringe, I hurt for those people who went through that and for the ones who didn’t make it. I can’t imagine the feelings that run through the people involved in the crashes and the families of these people. My brother got in a car wreck in 2009 caused by texting and driving. His car flipped 4 times off of a hill and it was totaled by the end. He had 4 people with him and 2 needed to be airlifted to the nearest hospital and I remember the sadness and pain that I felt when my family and I got the call, it’s the worst. I thank God everyday that he is still here and could not be more thankful for it. There’s so many tragedies that could happen from driving and that’s definitely one way I wish and hope I don’t go out. 

Overall this art project was kind of eye opening and kind of scary to think of different ways we could potentially die. Personally, I would’ve never thought to do a project like this or to even think about this particular subject but now that I have, I can only hope that when I do go out, it’s on my terms, painless and sick-less for the sake of my loved ones.


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