Week 2 – Classmate Conversation #2 – Daniel Martinez

“Is art actually important? In today’s world?” – jonathangirgis

This was the question of the week and at first I thought to myself, this is such an abstract question that doesn’t seem like it’d have an answer to it at all.

But once I started talking to Daniel about it, it became a lot more clear what it was asking and the significance that art does have in this world.

Today I spoke to Daniel Martinez. He’s a transfer student, now a senior here at CSULB and is a civil engineering major.

Daniel answered that, yes, art is in fact, very important in today’s world. Art is such a broad, vague term, more like an umbrella term – meaning that so many other things stem from art to where saying art really just means a lot more. He shared with me that art is important because without it, we wouldn’t have music, we wouldn’t have photography or really anything in the world that brings joy to many different people. He also mentioned how without art, a lot of people in the world would lose their source of income. Many people have an occupation, a career in an area of art – music, painting, interior design, dance, wood/metal work – to them, art is their everything because without it, they’d, as cliché as it sounds, they’d have nothing.

He felt that music, in his opinion, was and is the most important type of art. He said that musicians are able to express through emotion, vocals, song writing, and instruments how important art is to them and I was very fond of that statement, because I agree 100%.

He and I both felt that art was, is and will always be very important in today’s world and the future of this world.

Art is very significant in every person that walks this earth, whether you’re the artist or not.

He can be found at: https://danielmartinez13.wordpress.com

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