Week 1 – Class Activity #1 – Plaster Casting

So today I completed the first activity, which was plaster casting of my hand. It was definitely a new experience for me since I don’t really have much background in the art field.

To start the day off, there were two other people from the 1 pm class and we all decide to help each other. First we all dug our holes big enough to where we could fit either our hand or out foot. Then we all walked towards the water to get watery sand in order to shape the mold of our body part. After our mold was ready to be filled, it was time to mix our plaster. In order to get the plaster ready, we had to dump the powdered plaster into our buckets and fill the carton up half way with water and stir until it was at a thickish consistency. Once the plaster was ready, we poured it in our mold and waited for about 35 minutes and once the time was up we dug around the mold being very careful that we didn’t break or crack the plaster piece.

I’d say one of the more difficult parts of this activity was that after I pulled my hand out in order to fill it with plaster, sand would just fall back in the hole so the piece came out a little jagged. Also when the plaster was dry and it was time to take it out of the sand, it was a little sketchy because I didn’t know how to go about taking it out. I ended dup digging around the piece and pulling it out, and luckily it came out looking good.

I am very glad I went to the beach to execute this activity with other class members because I felt it was a way for us to meet new people that are in this course and experience new types of activities that we wouldn’t be doing on a normal day.


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