Week 1 – Classmate Conversation #1 – Belen Barragan

Today was the first class meeting of the semester and to kick it off we got to know a few people that are in the class. The question of the hour was “Who is your favorite artist?” and this was not limited at all, meaning it could’ve been anywhere from singers/rappers, to famous painters/sculptors and even musicians/composers, there’s really no limit to what artist could be “defined” as.

I talked to Belen today, she’s a third year majoring in nutrition and she shared with me that her favorite artist/band is Coldplay. She said that a favorite artist is hard to choose with the vast amount of singers that are in the industry today. She explained how she feels that the love she has for the band started with her dad and his love for them so she followed in his footsteps and luckily it turned out to be a great follow. Her and her boyfriend recently went to their concert and she mentioned how they put on an amazing show and while talking to her I could really feel how passionate she was about them and their music and it was really cool to see. She also said that her favorite song at the moment is Sky Full of Stars, but really, it changes all the time and the limit to just having one favorite song is too much to ask for.

She can be found at: https://belenbarragan.wordpress.com

Name Belen


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